Top of this page: Freelance-activities in 2002 till 2006
Down on this page: Freelance-activities in 1992 - 1996

Freelance-activities in 2002 - 2006

August/September 2006: Elaborated Feasibility Study for client in England - a housing project to be realized outside Europe

February 2006 till June 2006 continuing a former activity - for company near Aarhus - shipment-procedures (Concorde)

May till February 2006: for company in Ry (near Aarhus) - manufacturing and assembling procedure (Concorde) - extended to July - to August - to September - to October - to February

February, March and April 2005: for company near Aarhus - shipment-procedures (Concorde)

December 2004 + January 2005: for company near Aarhus - work shop/manufacturing procedures

November + December 2004: for company near Aarhus - stock procedures

2004: established billing system based on Access for friend - single-person-company

2004: assisting association near Aarhus with elaborating project description (building project) as basis for achieving financing for realizing of the project

2004 - ????: WEB-editor for nationwide organization with HQ near Aarhus

December 2003/2004: assisted company near Aarhus with elaborating project description (within IT and internet) as basis for achieving financing for realizing of the project - a NDA is connected to this job

2003: Participated at start of project "S-Support" (company developing activity  - more only through direct contact)

2003: Assisted company near Naestved (industrial components) with selling their products and several  purchasing by giving it access to my database (more than 35,000 Danish companies and  6,000 outside Denmark) and thereto connected systematic for effective information distribution - national as well as international.

2003: Developed database and related screens and inquiries, based on Access, for company near Odder

2003: Assisted company near Aarhus to elaborate project definition and possible cooperation partners - a project within "internal transport".

2002 + 2003: Assisted a company in Aarhus with selling its internet-product (IT-education through the internet) to contacts abroad - offered to England, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates

Project employment at manufacturer in Aarhus (transportation systems), 2002

Research in design and production control system BAAN regarding an accident on-site so damaged items can be identified and replaced

Assisted company in Aarhus to elaborate offer for project in Hamburg/Germany

Teaching within the area of "Marketing and Strategy": a. o. value chain - purchase behaviour - distribution - pricing - analysis - marketing plan - start of own company - strategic planning - MBO - culture (-al differences) - payment conditions, hereunder L/C, ECE188, NLM, supplier agreements - risk, hereunder Incoterms2000

Freelance-activities in 1992 - 1996
In this period a lot of fusions happened in Danish industry
Mentioned task where solved - no specific order            (will be translated soon)

At the organization Dansk Leder Service participated in a lot of different jobs (mostly of administrative kind and with the help of different PC-systems), maintained my network which gave the possibility to help the contacts underneath:

Unika ApS on Funen (furniture): Implementing of all administration systems and production control systems with the basis in Navigator together with Triml1
The person who bought this company didn't knew his own limits, used the possibilities in a wrong way with the result: bankruptcy (1994)

Electro Lift International (i. G.), Neubrandenburg: The network at Dansk Leder Service resulted in that I was asked to assist at the establishing of this company.
The product was unique a vacuum pump for lifting glass plates and other plane items.
The usual material was produced (description of the basic idea, plans of action, budgets etc.) for the use of achieving financing for the establishing in Neubrandenburg (Germany). Meetings with local contacts, banks, other financing institutes and looking for appropriate rooms.
Neubrandenburg was chosen because the possibility of achieving financing was biggest there because of the high unemployment rate.

Scanform A/S: The network at Dansk Leder Service asked me to participate at a job at Scanform: "outplacement of personnel". The company should be closed.
The job contained: collecting of personnel data, interview with the people, contact to other companies so they can be informed about possibilities.
The rate of success was not registered - I mean it was about 18

An education institution, AMU Center, Århus: I was asked to realize teaching of students within the disciplines of company start.
Teaching of 10 individuals in management of a company: description of the basic idea, budgets and the assumptions, investment, Spread-Sheet (Lotus, SuperCalc), organizational theories, network planning, Maslow / Psychology, purchase/procurement, stock, management and cooperation, Word­Perfect, BOM and operation charts as management tools, plans of action, project planning, SOFT-analysis as basis for innovation, group of interests around the company, process diagrams, management by objectives and how to realize that, competition analysis, diversification before development. 

At an engineering company in Aarhus I worked as consultant, mainly with project management, evaluation of projects, implementing the finance control system Navigator

A local authority was fearing that the local industry will dismiss a lot of people - therefore we where asked to elaborate projects so these people can achieve other positions. This we did, and about 60 people participated in this project - both engineers, architects, translators, teacher, BSc etc.

A group under the Association of Engineers. I was asked to start projects. So I did and the result was about a lot of projects, and about 70 engineers where active with these projects