My international experience:

With pictures from my traveling to Thailand, Japan and Viet Nam

My international experience is based on frequent communication with and travelling to almost all European countries (mostly Germany, France and England) and Zimbabwe, The Gambia (hereunder with meetings at some ministries), Japan, Thailand, India, Viet Nam
My international network is often asking for my assistance so their products or services can be sold, or they are sending inquiries for components (machines, equipment etc.) they need, and are asking for projects and their financing
Also Danish contacts, knowing me and my international possibilities, are frequently asking for my assistance
I could assist with selling IT-education to different destinations in Africa, offering projects and their financing, assist a friend with finding components (in India) for his idea, helped the producer of rice finding customer in East Africa, offered hotel-equipment for user in North Africa, and a lot of other things
Control of technical design partly realized abroad
My private friends are - beside Danes and Europeans - African (from Zimbabwe, Gambia, Nigeria, Eritrea, Somalia) and Asians (from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China).
- and since I am born in Rostock (East Germany) and grown up in Hamburg this "smells" a little of internationality too


In 2009 I again was in Vietnam:
"The Old Town" in Hội An (2009)
The Kings castle in Huế (2009)
Here we are sailing into a stalactite cave in Phong Nha (2009)
"Smiling Buddha" at B N Mountain near Đ Nẵng (2009) The impressing wire net in Saigon (2009) (it is cheaper to place a new wire than finding that one, which is broken)
More pictures from this trip can be seen at
Beach of Nha Trang, abt. 400 km north-east of Saigon (2008)
Same beach with other background (2008)
Cafe on top of Hotel Rex in Saigon (2008)
More pictures from this trip can be seen at
Near Vinh Long in the Mekong Delta is An Binh Island, and on this the city which can be seen on the picture - yeah: under water (2006)
Fruit market in Vinh Long - fresh fruit picked same day (2006)
It was the plan that I should visit this place - isn't it beautiful? Because of other events I unfortunately couldn't manage it (2006)
Street picture from Ho Chi Minh City (2005)
The picture shows not the extreme hectic traffic - it is a kind of adventure crossing the street surrounded by 100's (feels like that) of motorbikers, driving in all directions
A fountain in Ho Chi Minh City (2005)
Performance of the Lang Biang people, a minority living near Da Lat, on the Dreaming Hill near Valley Of Love, about 300 km north of Ho Chi Minh City (2005)
View from the LangBiang mountain (2132 m high) near Da Lat (2005)
Mothers Day in Thailand (2000)
"Standing Buddha" in Hua Hin (2000)
River Kwai Bridge (2000)
In front of one the countless temples of Tokyo, typically having a kind of market or fair in front (2000)
1001 statues of the Buddhist deity Sanju-Sangen-Do (2000)  -  (No: I did not check the number)
Enjoying samurai-protection in closed-down movie town in Kyoto (2000)