My experiences with IT

No - you will hardly see me like this in front of some PC


This page contains:
1. Overall description of test-experiences
2. Profile
3. Operative systems
4. Production control systems / ERP / Logistic systems
5. Programming languages
6. DB
7. Background re. experiences
8. Categorized experiences: Functions / Applications / Hardware / Operative systems / PC
9. More detailed description of the systems, I worked with


I have been, and I am, deeply involved in tests of systems since 1981.

1996 - until now.

Based on the frame, Access is representing, developed and tested this database-system - first re. my own needs, since also for covering the needs of other companies.


Based on a special job tested the production control system BAAN a. o. to find out if the this system can communicate with other like Access, Excel etc.


Based on the frame, Navigator and the additional program Triml1 represents, tested this system with regards to all conditions of interest for the partner by that time

1989 - 1992.

Tested Mapics/PMS (PMS is a Danish edition of Mapics - but is not the same like Mapics), hereunder developed time registering program and tested it's possibility for use for a new established logistics department.

1986 - 2003.

Based on the frame Navigator represent, developed and tested this system both regarding own needs (professional curiosity) and the needs of different partners.

1986 - 1987.

Tested branch specific calculation system (foundry).

1981 - 1985.

Tested and implemented stand alone programs for covering certain needs - based on ISI.

Acc. to my experiences test, test documentation and program documentation too often are treated not seriously enough.

It is my opinion and experience, that test and documentation is a basis for learning so much more about programs, which can result in increasing earning for the user.  This means, that one should not stop after learning, that some program can cover one needs - one have to "dive" longer down to learn, what more can be done so one's daily routines can be easier.


2. Profile:
More than about 25 years of experience with IT. Work(-ed) typically as project manager and/or the responsible for elaborating specification of needs, analysis and design as well as test and development.
I have huge experiences with coordination of test, for mainframe as well as  standard systems
With this work I achieved detailed knowledge about production control systems and economy and finance systems
As individual I am extrovert, good at dialogue with business relations as well as realizing sparring for technicians.
My work is always careful, persistent and directed to the target.
3. Operative systems: IFS Automotive, Siemens BS 1000 + BS2000, DOS, Windows.
4. Production control systems: ISI, Mapics, PMS, Baan, Navigator/Navision, Concorde, (SAP)
5. Programming languages: Basic, MS-Basic (Philips’ own Basic)

Html-coding, SQL acc. needs

Visual Basic acc. needs
6. DB: Access

(other well-known programs like Navigator and it's successors and other programs within that family can be seen as databases too)


7. Background re. experiences  
January 2011 - IFS Automotive - especially that part having to do with Supply Chain Management
March 2007 - 2009 Time-limited contract - based on Concorde XAL with company specific adaption's
February 2006 - March 2007: Freelance: Shipping procedures for manufacturer in Aarhus N (usage of Concorde XAL)
May 2005 - February 2006: Freelance: Optimizing of manufacturing (mass production of fittings) for manufacturer in Ry/Silkeborg  (usage of Concorde XAL).
February 2005 - March 2005: Freelance: Shipping procedures for manufacturer in Aarhus N (usage of Concorde XAL)
December 2004 – January 2005: Freelance: helped manufacturer in Aabyhøj with assembling procedures (no system work)
October 2004: Elaborated billing system based on Access for single-person-company
March 2004: Elaborated homepages for 2 single-person-companies using FrontPage and CuteFTP
January 2004 - ???:

Freelance – realizes from time to time acc. to needs: web-editor for nation-wide organization

Uses html-coding
December 2003 – February 2004:

Freelance: assisted company near Aarhus with elaboration a project description within IT and internet - the description should be used for achieving financing the realization of the project. A NDA is connected to this project

Combination between CAD, PDM, ERP – elaboration of description also included time estimation for programming, test, etc.
August 2003 – January 2004:

Freelance: Helped a company in Naestved (industrial components) with sales and several purchasing by giving it access to my database (with more than 43,000 Danish companies and more than 6,000 outside Denmark) and thereto connected systematically procedures for an effectively spreading of information - national as well as international.

No system work, but usage of that system, I already had developed
May 2003: Freelance: Developed database and thereto connected screens, inquiries etc. (based on Access) for single-person-company in Odder
August 2002 – October 2002:

Project (limited period) for a production company in Aarhus (transport systems)

System and construction analysis (BaaN) based on an insurance case
October. 1996 – December 2001: Purchasing manager, Engineering and trading company in Aarhus - building up a purchasing and estimating department

Since Navigator in this company has been misused (that I tested first), and I was forced to produce results, I used Access as controlling tool for sub-suppliers. Later on I developed it so I also could use it for control of requisitions and stock

1995 - 2003:

Established own company – a Barter-company

System basis was Access: developed all necessary databases, inquiries, screens, and procedures for transfer to other system (depending on needs)

Unika on Funen (contract)

I was asked to implement all control systems based on Navigator and thereto connected production control system Triml1 - so I did
1992 - 1994:

Self employed development consultant - different jobs for different clients, among others “Danish Management Service”, Electro Lift International (i. G.), Neubrandenburg (start up of a company for a partner on Sealand), Scanform A/S, as well as many others.

A. o. I should learn about Amipro since many at "Dansk Leder Service" had the opinion that this is a good system. So I did, and could help a lot of those people coming frequently at "Danish Management Service"

1989 -1992:

Production and logistics manager, Jesper Furniture International, Hørning

Capacity adjustment, introduced direct, computer based time registering with a successful pay-off effect, prepared the logistics function.

Here system analysis, specification of needs/demands, test of solutions before implementing part of my work. I used the companies systems like PMS (Danish version of Mapics), and IBM-text-assistant as a helping system for transfer of data between time registering system and PMS


Service Bureau Manager, Dania Data Service A/S, Randers

Increased efficiency of the organization, ensuring data delivery, sales of service bureau services. Established an ERFA group for consumers in order to increase the company’s system usage. Brought one industrial client to the company (the aim was to increase this with one more industrial client per year).

Mostly organizational work with the programmers and operational technicians


Managing Director, FE Støberiet, Herning A/S

All managerial functions.

Testing a rather special calculation system


Production Manager, Codan Medizinische Geräte in Lensahn/D (Danish owned company - mass production of medical equipment)

Reduced the number of sick days among the hourly paid employees from 10% to 3%. Introduced value analysis, reorganised a rationalisation project, which was in the process of running off track.

This company used own-developed systems - because of my position I had no really contact with the systems - mostly with the reports


System Engineer, Th. Ths. Sabroe, Aarhus

Worked mainly on specific tasks relating to an improved system usage in connection with production control.

Mostly system work acc. well-known principles: analysis of conditions – considering what can be done better – elaboration of specification of needs/demands re. the wished system work – evaluation of programmers effort and milestones (for huge projects) - testing before implementation of the changes – realizing changes

BS2000 / ISI

Preparing converting to new supplier Unisys

Business Manager, Silkeborg Glasvaerk A/S

No system work

Production Engineer, since 1979 quality control engineer, Danfoss Nordborg

No system work


8. Categorized experiences
Class.: 1 = Course/theoretical knowledge. 2 = Little. 3 = Medium. 4 = Good, 5 = Expert.
Functions: Last used Totally years Class.
Project manager 2008 16 5
Analyst 2013 20 5
Developer 2004 10 4
Controller / Project manager 2008 11 5
Test coordinator 2003 10 4
Mentioned functions were used parallel
Applications: Last used Totally years Class.
Production control systems 2013 25 4-5
Analysis and data conversion 2013 12 5
Developer 2004 20 5
Accounting and finance systems 2013 20 5
Hardware/Operative systems: Last used Totally years Class.
IBM mainframe 1991 03 3
SIEMENS - BS2000 1989 06 3
Various PC - WINDOWS 2013 20 5

I am using all PC-systems daily: Access, Word, Excel, Microsoft Project, Works, FrontPage, Flash 5, Windows Link, Photo-editors, scanner, etc.

Internet-usage is daily, hereunder developing/maintaining homepages, partly with FrontPage and CuteFTP, partly with html-coding


As an introduction: IT and/or systems can not be some target - they are tools, and like other tools they should be used in a proper way for some specific purpose.
One thing is that the investment in IT / ERP / PMS shall make the daily administrational work easier - another thing is, that this investment must be the basis for increased efficiency in either the administrational work, or by realizing changes in the work shop (hereunder analysis of items to improve standardization for increased use of material), or in stock.

This can normally not be done with good result by doing the daily, operational work.

IT-costs should not be higher than 1% of turn over - savings realized by proper usage of systems should be about (at least) 10%
Underneath mentioned systems I learned to know because of some needs, and then I solved my problems with them.
You probably have the systems, important for you - but are they used effective resp. appropriate? I might be able to give you the answer to this question with my background in:
Production control systems like Baan, (SAP), Mapics, PMS, ERP - partly based on Siemens' BS2000 (ISIS plus own-developed production control systems based on ISIS), IBM's AS400, PC-network, Sperry Univac's (later Unisys) Unis with "Mapper"
SAP is - build up in modules and the functionality - like other systems as Baan and Mapics, is more effective than  Mapics (I haven't seen the latest updates of Mapics - if there are some)
Production control systems I am used to use for production control, means the ordinary functions around production like production engineering, planning, purchase/procurement. The advantages of the systems is the possibility for making analysis to increase the efficiency of production as well as the standardization of components etc. so a better use of machinery is granted
l Navigator / Navision, with supplementary program Triml1 - knowledge about Concorde, Axapta, Attain, Navision Financials, PCPlus On the one side those book-keeping-systems and financial control system must control the economy of the company. On the other hand those systems are "too advanced" unless their debtor- and creditor-control and all the other advantages are used too. I have exported data from Navigator to Excel so analysis can be made - yes: it's possible
l Access - user surface self-developed - order handling self-developed See more about this at the end of this page (under elaboration)
l Apport To be used within logistics and stock optimizing
l FrontPage Development of homepages
l CuteFTP For the uploading of homepages
l Macromedia Flash 5 Drawings and animations
l Visio 2000 Can read Autocad-drawings
l Outlook E-mail-system
l LotusNotes E-mail-system and a lot of other
l Microsoft Project I am using that - of course - for project management. Since this system contains a lot of other things I am also using it for other (unless a more dedicated system is available) such as control of delivery dates regarding agreements and needs of project,  project budgets contra realized costs and a lot of other
l Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Photo Editor I am using those mostly for handling of pictures
l Power Point Also for handling of pictures, and for the combination of "pictures" together with "text", and for elaboration of slideshows
l Excel            (earlier Supercalc SC4, Lotus 1-2-3, Works, IBM Text Assistant) I am using those systems for budgets and control of budgets, but also for different kinds of analysis's, where data can come from other systems like Navigator or Access or Baan
l Word            (earlier Works, Word Perfect, IBM Text Assistant) Text management. Since this system has developed as done I am using it for the combination of "pictures" and "text" and the mass-production of "individual" letters with the basis in data coming from Access
l Windows Link My personal calendar and address book - works like a handhold
l AmiPro, Adobe Acrobat, Corel Draw, AIBAS Combination of "pictures" and "text" and  "drawings" for presentation
l Implemented all control systems in manufacturing company  
l Developed and implemented Data-capturing of production data for future production control  
l Implemented direct time registering in furniture company- minor knowledge about "Lessor Løn", a salary calculation system  
l Implemented new, main-frame-based production control system in organization with about 800 employers - necessary for realization was elaboration of specification of needs and detailed analysis of needs - for more about the area of "Definition of manufacturing basis" please click on that link  

Re. Access:

After I learned about this system, and made my personal experiences, I am using this system almost every day
Based on the "frame" in this system data lines (right word?) are established according to your needs. After that data has to be placed into the system so the wished inquiries, reports statistics etc. works and appears. Development of individual displays, inquiries and a lot of other is possible without some knowledge of programming languages
Establishing data does NOT mean that one has to do a lot of writing: in many cases one can copy from one system into this system. This of course can happen from other Microsoft products, but also from other databases (because of the nature of this I only can inform about it by personal contact). Making mass-copying can happen very easy so anybody can build up it's own database according to one needs - easy and fast
Within this system "tailored" stock control systems, book keeping systems, requisition systems and a lot of other are developed, and the daily use of this system can increase your efficiency when working together with other because you can control a lot of information in an extremely easy way
This means that my own database contains about 42,000 Danish companies, name of respective contacts, what those companies are offering, how they are organized and a lot of other - no: I didn't wrote it by myself, but copied it from other sources. The same with my database containing about 6,000 companies outside Denmark
At the latest company, I worked at: Beside of reducing the production costs with about GBP 900,000 the system assisted me to control a lot of information every day - so effective that other couldn't "feel" it and where calling our treatment of those about 1,000 suppliers professional