Personality test following Myers-Briggs type indicator

I have been through the internationally highly approved personality test Myers-Briggs type indicator, and I was identified as the type ENTP. The trait of this personality is described as follows:
Fast, inventive, good for many things. Stimulating company, vigilant and frank. Feel it funny to argue both pro and contra a case. Resourceful / quick-witted to solve new and challenging problems, but can neglect routine jobs. Inclined to jump from one interest to another. Skilful in finding logic reasons for what he wants.
Regarding "Contribution to the organization" the test indicates as follows :
-         See limitations as challenges, which shall be surmounted
-         Finding new ways of doing things
-         Placing problems into a conceptual reference frame
-         Taking initiative and stimulating others
-         Like complex challenges
The test was realized the 22nd October 2001 at Association of Engineers IDA, and consultant Mr. Kim Knudsen at phone +45 8731 7610 is available for further comments regarding this test.

Thomas Person Profile Analysis / PPA-analysis: Person profile description done June 4th 2004:
He takes risks on a targeted and responsible basis
He's having a organized overview
He's a good specialist and/or project manager for a minor special department  
Extrovert and contact creating style with kindness and an understanding of a good and lasting social climate
Self motivated and result orientated effort
A mature personality with a balanced temperament based on an open and sincere expression and good situational awareness (difference between SPM motives <6)

Underneath will be developed:

I've tried to elaborate a SWOT-analysis on my self, and it's as follows:
Strength - delegating, reliable, diversity, open-minded, structured, ready for changes, analyzing, "jumps" into a situation and solves problems instead of only talking about them, high ego-drive, initiatives, extrovert, new-thinking, global thinking (inter-cultural understanding), planner, habits are of no interests ("life is too short for boring work"), courage to be "different", responsible - hereunder loyal re. accepted agreements, economical/business understanding, result oriented, solution oriented (potential problems are placed in structures and will be solved), continuing, "development by changes", looking for co-operation, rejecting prejudgements because they are indicating "no own thinking ability", objective point-of-view without neglecting the importance of the details, "everything is possible", "negativity" will be turned into some positive
Weakness - everything mentioned under "Strength" can become a weakness if used wrong in some situation; I can seems to be intimidating - disappears when one knows me
Opportunities - first thinking in possibilities and then solutions, limitations are challenges, use of NLP gives possibilities as sparringspartner/mentor/involving board-of-directors-work 
Threats - I get angry when I am observing discrimination ("everyone has the same rights and duties"), if someone think having more rights than he/she will admit to others, if someone is asking for more than he/she is able/ready to give, when dialogues are getting manipulating