My experiences with projects:
As a starting point I am offering my knowledge and experience regarding all basic elements about establishing of projects and project management: elaborating the basic idea - limitation of the project - describing the purpose - action plan - budgets - conditions for the budgets (incl. marketing analysis and marketing elements) - financing - evaluation of risk - realizing the project by building up the organization.  This list may continue depending on the project
Please use the advantage and look at the bottom of this page, where some different point-of-views re. project-management are described
Following projects where realized:

l December 2003/January 2004: assisted company near Aarhus with elaborating project description (within IT and internet) as basis for achieving financing for realizing of the project - a NDA is connected to this job
l Evaluation of damaged items (accident) within a project supply for replacement and report for compensation. Solving this job needs communication with suppliers (can they still guarantee a agreed time of operation), searching within the productions control system so the involved items can be identified and the scope of replacement can be determined. Report to the customer/insurance company
l Controlled development of homepage, which was realized in Japan (elaborated specifications and realized test of functions)
l For minor production company in Aarhus elaborated report re. the sales-potential through international network
l Implemented purchase department in engineering- and trading organization
l Mentioned department can be used for estimation
l An acquaintance, who just bought a furniture-producing company on the island Funen, asked me to implement all basic control-systems in that company. Was - of course - partly a success, but this acquaintance of mine did not know about his own limits, and the end of that was bankruptcy (1994)
l Replacement of employers of a furniture company to be closed down
l Start of company: unique, Danish product to be produced in Neu-Brandenburg, Germany
l Elaborated project report re. possible establishing of furniture company in Portugal
l Increased effectiveness in an EDP company
l Implemented production documentation system
l Brought 1 huge industrial customer (target was 1 per year) to EDP-company
l Established accounting system (Navigator) for Amateur theatre "Rosenteatret"
l Cashier/treasurer for association of residentials
l Established food shop, kiosk, Barter-company in Denmark and technical product outside Denmark

The project can start with: Brain-Storm, outplacement of ideas, establishment of project groups
The project group has to work out the usual material: description of the basic idea, limits of the project, description of the target, action plan, budget, assumptions for the budget (hereunder market analysis and elements of marketing), evaluation of risks, maybe visions regarding expected long-term-development - this list is not necessarily finished since it depends on the project - please take a look at further point-of-views underneath the "Planning process for projects"
Microsoft Project can be used as a planning tool and for the communication between participants and management. This means that the knowledge about user surface, adjustments re. the project, description/design of the project, PERT-overview, Gantt scheme, several forms, follow-up, what happens with time-limited or resource-limited jobs etc. will come to you

The minimum demands re. the description of some project (the list is not finished and will be updated)
1. The customer / target group must be known
2. The responsible re. the project must be known
3. Minimum description of contract
Process description / description of function
Scope of work
Layout of plant / physical limitation
Type of tender
Relationship with client / target group
4. Commercial aspects
Conditions of contract
Contract price
Provisional sums
Tender summary
Material and cost breakdown
Risks and liabilities
5. Programme
Overall contract period
Intermediate milestones
Takeover and maintenance requirements
6. Engineering
Degree of design already undertaken
Are there other interest groups
7. Quality assurance requirements
8. Contract team Project group
9. Problems to avoid Learned lessons from previous similar contracts
10. Areas for immediate attention
11. Follow-up How often having meeting with the customer
12. Documentation handover Elaborate check list