Reports / speeches in spare-time:

l June 2016 delivered 20-minutes-speech (supported by PowerPoint) about "International Procurement" for a group of professionals in Croydon
l June 2016 delivered 6-minutes-speech about "International Procurement" for a group of professionals in Croydon
l April 2016 delivered 10-minutes-speech about "International Procurement" for a group of professionals in Bromley
l December 2003/January 2004: assisted company near Aarhus with elaborating project description (within IT and internet) as basis for achieving financing for realizing of the project - a NDA is connected to this job
l Speech regarding "buying and selling a company" with the content - strategic considerations, analysis / decision, - Price estimation, - Due diligence: planning the necessary research, - Consequences regarding tax, - Legal consequences, hereunder Letter of Intent, Heads of Agreement, contract, responsibility etc., - Financing sources, organized and realized for realization February 2003 for members of 3 groups within IDA
l Evaluation of a project supply: a damage caused by water resulted in a complaint - evaluated the parts to ensure that the supplier still can guarantee 5 years of operation, or the rejection so new supply can happen for the guarantee of the success of the project (insurance matter) (2002)
l Lecture for a group of students within "Advanced Account" (Aarhus Købmandsskole - Business School - 2002)
l Speech "the importance of information for a producing company" for a group of manager in Brande
l Speech "Germany  - insufficient used export market" at Herning Export school
l Speech "Marketing" and "Personally sale" for company starters in Aarhus
l Elaborated report "Implementation of a Logistic Department"
l Elaborated report "Marketing of dedicated system in Hamburg respectively northern part of Germany" for SW-company in Aarhus
l Elaborated report "Basic of sale of dedicated medicinal-equipment in Denmark" for German producer
l Elaborated report "Description of the basic idea for competence-giving increase of function" for HW- and SW company in Denmark. The report described the possibilities for increasing the activities of the customer
l Organized panel discussion between Bertel Haarder (Danish politician) and Preben Møller Hansen (chairman of a Danish union) in Sønderborg (1981)