My experiences with sale and thereto connected activities:
l 2003: For company on Sealand realized direct sale of the company's products: technical components to different target-groups (companies). Research re. customer, participation at trade fairs and other normal sale-activities - more about this item at a personal meeting
l With the basis in "start of company" tried to sell the range of services of that company by "field work", direct-mailing, personal visits
l Industrial project sale: at Dania Data Service sold the solution and services of the edp service office to the company Randers Reb (became new customer) by making a lecture describing possibilities, achievable advantages, project development

Beside of mentioned tried to increase the interest of the connected companies by establishing an ERFA-group (experience-exchange-group) and other items with informative content

l Industrial sale: at FE StÝberiet (a foundry) tried to sell the free capacity to other potential Danish user by employing a seller, to German and English potential user by myself by using the usual steps: looking for potential user - appointment for a visit for discussion of possibilities
l For company in Hamburg elaborated a marked research re. the sales possibility of their products in Denmark
l For SW-house in Aarhus elaborated a marked research report re. the sales possibility of their products in the northern part of Germany