My experiences with Teaching:
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Teaching of adults within the area of "Marketing and Strategy/Strategics" in the disciplines of value chain - purchasing procedure - organization of distribution - prizing - analysis - marketing - start your own company - selling an idea or a product - strategic planning - MBO - cultural differences - payment conditions, hereunder Letter Of Credit, ECE188, NLM, supplier agreements - delivery terms (conditions) / change of risc-responsiblity, hereunder Incoterms2000 and general debate concerning different items in running a company, project- and company management (in 2002)
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Teacher for "Start of own company" at AMU-center in Aarhus: education of people, who will start own company, in almost all necessary disciplines regarding control of company (IBO - Independent Business Owner) (in 1994)

Description of the difficulties in the beginning and how to solve them, teaching in elaboration of the description of the basic idea and the purpose of the company, budgets as the basis for actions, action plans for realizing the company, visions regarding the controlled development.

The practical content contains teaching in spread sheet (Lotus 1-2-3, SuperCalc), PCPlus (PC-based book-keeping-system), Word-Perfect (text management), company game, organizational conditions, organization chart, different ways of organization, Bill Of Materials and operation cards as basis for company management, management, purchasing / procurement / logistics, stock, management and cooperation, plans of action, project planning and management, SWOT-analysis as the basis for innovation, groups of interests around a company, process charts, how to realize your aim by using MBO including the elaboration of a network (project plan), competition analysis, vertical and horizontal diversification, network planning, a little psychology (hereunder Maslow, personal action, basis for co-operation). Furthermore I coordinated the participation of specialists, was consultant and made the evaluation for the projects.

l Teacher of adults in German-language in evening-school (1972 + 1973)