Some proverbs I like:
(If I use some wrong words or expression please tell me the proper - thank you)

Fear does not prevent death.

It prevents life

To laugh is to risk appearing foolish.
To cry is to risk appearing sentimental.
Reaching out after another is risking engagement.
To show emotion is to risk being rejected.

To mention his dreams for the crowd is to risk ridicule.
To love is to risk not being loved again.
Going ahead under extremely poor conditions is a risk of failure.
But risks must be taken as the greatest danger in life is nothing to risk.

People who risk nothing, do nothing, have nothing, are nothing.
Maybe he or she avoids suffering and grief, but cannot learn, feel, heal
or love.
Chained by his certainty, he is a slave ...
Only a person who takes risks is free ...
Unknown author
Henry Ford: "If you think you can or you can't - you're right!"
Courage is not the absence of fear but the judgement that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all. For now you are travelling the road between who you think you are and who you can be.
turnover is vanity
profit is sanity
cash is reality

“Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.” – Steven Wright.

Fundamentally a teacher has no age bar - it is all about understanding, experience and clarity of thinking

If you want something you've never had,

then you've got to do something you've never done

Unknown author

Abraham Lincoln: "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand;
they listen with the intent to reply.

Stephen R. Covey

It is unwise to pay too much;
but it is also unwise to pay too little.
When you pay too much, you lose a little money;
if you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything,
because the thing you bought cannot meet the task!
JOHN RUSKIN, on "Quality in Purchasing"

'Truths' / realities that must often be perceived as subjective. How we each perceive the world may be quite different. That's fine - really a very positive thing ...

The tragedy of man's lack of self-knowledge - is one 'truth' or reality, if you will. We submit to the prevailing discourses (these powerful discourses are a large proportion of human devastation - the human penchant for hegemonic and to rule over each other) in society - to a greater or lesser degree - it's almost a requirement one must meet to be allowed to 'be'. That one is compelled to submit to rules / ideas / interpretations of whether and of the world that go against one's own core beliefs, lead to assume strange serious existential conflicts. Existential issues and especially conflicts can strike one as a well-placed kick in the kidneys. Struck at an appropriate time, one sees the possibility of feeling its growth - at an inopportune and sensitive time, one sees only that all options are exhausted ... the only solution is escape ... escape into a corner of the mind .. into mental illness or completion.
There is a possibility of an extension of its own 'truth'. You have to manage to grab the opportunities that emerge before 'the truth' takes an unduly painful and anguish coming form and ends with taking power from one. To cultivate the delicate and beautiful, can contribute to not be engulfed by a mourning over the ravages of mankind and lack self-knowledge. The delicate and beautiful is also found in the immediate ugly - it's about seeing it - whether that would see it.
Greatest of all is love .. most of all, the challenge that comes with love. Through love, open all your senses, to feel a different and wonderful creature - reciprocated and respected, can love change large parts of an otherwise grim 'truth' / reality. But this opening of the senses, brings to mind also its most vulnerable form.

Unknown author

When you develop the ability to listen anything without loosing your temper or self-confidence, it means you have become .. educated

The proof of heroism lies not in winning a battle, but in bearing a defeat

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

Visit at least once per year a place where you never have been before.

If we had not always tried something new, we would still live in caves.

Annoying are those people
who know so little
so they do not know, how little they know
and therefore think
that they know almost everything

Palle Lauring

Only with the heart one can see clear
The essential is invisible for the eye

Antoine de Saint-Excupéry

To dare is losing foothold for a while,
not to dare is losing yourself

Søren Kierkegaard

Do not fear the change,

but rather the stagnation.

La Tse, 570 – 490 v. Chr., Chinese Philosopher
There is just one evil in this world: ignorance.
There is only one asset: practised love and wisdom


We need a debate about that people are different and you have to treat people differently.

Anders Knutsen

Happiness becomes permanent when having the experience, that it doesn't depend on outer circumstances

John Gray

With dialog understanding is established, and attitudes can be changed

Unknown author

If some idea does not seems to be irrational, it has no future

Albert Einstein (but I am not sure about it)

To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he already achieved, but at what he aspires to

Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931

You can either step forward into growth - or you can step back into safety

You cannot solve problems by using the way of thinking, which caused the problem

Albert Einstein

Martin Luther King:
People are seeing things as they are, and are asking: Why? I see things not existing, and ask: Why not?

The position of the horizon is depending on the viewers position


If you do what you always have done, you'll get the result you always got...

Goethe (1749-1832):

Before one for real devote oneself for something, there will always be hesitation, no expectation for results, possibility of withdrawing oneself.

For all creating initiatives and actions there is the non-deviational fact, which - when not knowing about - can destroy the numberless ideas and glorious plans.

That is, in the same moment, one definitive devote oneself to something, the providence changes everything.

Numberless things, one never would have known about, will appear to help one.

A stream/flood of events are created by ones decision, and this causes a lot of favorable and  unexpected coincidences, meetings and concrete form for help, no human could have dreamed about

Therefore - what ever you can dream about being able to do - start with it.

Boldness contains geniality, power and magic.

Start, and start now

The beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are

but on how happy other can be

... because of you

Everybody was born as an original - but the most dies as a copy

Don't fear the incredible

Do not be afraid of the fantastic

When in doubt - choose as the most dangerous, most unprecedented solution

Karen Blixen

Einstein: The hardest matter in the world is the idea of people 

Words worth thinking about:

Be aware about your thoughts
they will turn into words

Be aware about your words
they will turn into actions
Be aware about your actions
they will turn into habits

Be aware about your habits
they will turn into your character
Be aware about your character
it will turn into your fate

Think having
l a mind, always prepared to make rebellion against it's own conclusions
l a mind not being suspicious, but open with a constant skepticism
l a mind open for all possibilities, also the impossible
l a mind with a democratic hospitality for other point of views
l a mind being heartfelt, searching, optimistic and hopeful
l a mind able to judge locked processes, procedures - and people
l a mind with a strong conviction about, that the judgment about any kind of action will be made at last, not by science, not by common sense, not by technology, nor by the public opinion - but by the results
l a mind able to carry the light of a new day

Collective creation of opinion is the substitute of the crowd for as well the skill and the will to independent thinking

Still actual…
When the actual human problems shall be solved it is always nice with good advices from gifted people with their finger on the puls of the time. Here you'll find six high-actual sentences from such a gifted person:
l You cannot avoid adversity by using more then you are earning
l You cannot create prosperity by hampering industry
l You cannot encourage humanity - by establishing class hatred
l You cannot help the people around you by doing all for them, what they very well can do by themselves
l You cannot help the small in the society by destroying the big
l You cannot build up the character of the people around you by removing their initiative and independency
Wise, actual words - well? They where spoken by the president of (land), (name) in the year ????
You have the answer? I would like to hear that - mail it to me

It's really nice to worry about the problems of the world, where you have no chance for solving or helping anyway. This makes you free of using your skills on embarrassing concrete tasks, where you could do something.                   Magazine "Dansk Industri", 1983/3

Everybody only hears what he understand


A job is often drawn as a square in an organizational chart, but no job is that "squared". A job is neither circular, squared nor triangular. A job has all forms within it self, means: has no certain form. A position is developing together with the person, fulfilling that position. The job market of the future has no fast positions. Everything is in motion going from one state into another. Therefore one has to create his own position. (Nils Villemoes)